Medical & Dental MMI Interview Circuit Simulation

A challenging complete MMI Circuit undertaken over Skype or in Person

We can also arrange this face to face in East Lancashire
Developed and undertaken by doctors who are also medical school undergraduate tutors. We do not use medical students or administrators.
Comprehensive personal feedback on your performance, telling you where you went wrong and how you can put this right
As close to the real thing as you can get

  • We are starting eventbrite booking for personal training in October 2018. However, if you require training before then, please contact us at and we can arrange alternative dates for you.
  • Training in person is usually in Rossendale, Lancashire between 19:00 and 21:30. Please contact us by e-mail for details of venue and how to book.
  • We also cover dental and veterinary medicine MMI interviews

Blue Peanut are now offering you the ability to practice a full MMI Interview Circuit under exam conditions

  • We will tailor the session to your specific medical school.
  • We can cover Medical School interviews through UCAS Clearing
  • 10 stations. Choose the duration of each station – usually between 7 and 10 minutes each, and the break periods – usually between 1 or 2 minutes.
  • We will provide you reading material between or during the station dependent on your choice of medical school
  • The choice of topics will be based on your medical school. If they do not provide this, we will use our research to choose you the topic areas
  • We can simulate patients and actors in scenarios
  • Practical and written scenarios can be simulated over Skype. If you pick a face to face classroom session in Manchester, we will bring the equipment to do a practical scenario to the classroom
  • Includes a feedback session at the end of your MMI Circuit. Typically the whole session will last 2 hours

Is it for me?

  • This course is designed for students who are applying for medical school 2019 Entry. We aim it for students in their second year of A-level but welcome any one who wishes to learn. Includes graduate entry and those applying for foundation year medical programmes.

Why should you go on this training?

  • We believe that over 90% of the content of most medical school interviews can be prepared for. This is from our feedback from students last year and our own personal experience. This means your chances of securing a place at your choice of medical school is much better if your do the correct preparation and have full mock interview with extensive feedback before the real thing when it matters.
  • We have done all the hard work and research for you, so you can concentrate more on your A-level studies.

Why should you choose Blue Peanut for your MMI tuition?

  • We research and deliver all our courses ourselves. We are a group of fully qualified practicing doctors who also teach at medical schools. We will never get medical students, administrators or random tutors to teach you.
  • We could sit on medical school interview panels – but this would be a conflict of interest. It is not fair for us to teach you and then interview you in your real interview!
  • We have feedback from hundreds of sixth form and medical students who we have taught on our courses and in our own practice.
  • Students e-mail us medical school interview letters from medical schools and we make sure we cover all the topics that are assessed
  • We look after medical students in our own GP surgeries, as well as providing work experience placements for sixth form students. We also teach junior doctors who are training to be future general practitioners.
  • We do teach at top local sixth form schools in East Lancashire on a voluntary basis, such as Clitheroe Grammar and Tauheedul.
  • We provide you with e-mail and, if needed, telephone follow up just in case any new areas some up on your interview that we did not cover on our course.
  • Our success rates are very high, approaching 100% for some medical schools.

Here are some of the topics we will cover on our MMI Training for 2019 entry: -

  • Personal assessment stations including your motivation for medicine and choice of medical school. Critique of your work experience, personal statement and knowledge of the qualities of a doctor including resilience and leadership.
  • Critical analysis and team working stations, including group exercises, practical tasks and data interpretation.
  • Your research for medical school and ethics. This includes recent hot topics, ethical principles, capacity and consent, conflict of interest and duties of a doctor.
  • Experience of NHS policy including conversional areas such as the right of doctors to strike, 7 day working, brexit and other policies.
  • Your knowledge of the medical school curriculum including teaching methods used at medical schools including PBL.
  • Communication skills stations. This includes empathy, consultation critique, simulated challenging colleagues and patients. Breaking bad news and handling mistakes.
  • For dental and veterinary medicine students we will add stations specific to these subjects.

What's the refund policy?

  • We cannot offer any refunds on this training
  • If you do not answer your phone or Skype session, the tutor will attempt to contact you further for a total of 15 minutes from your allocated start time. We keep telephone and Skype logs of our attempts. If there is no further response, we will cancel the booking and no refund will be provided.
  • We cannot be responsible for failure in communications that is beyond our control.
  • If in the unlikely event the tutor is unable to make a session, we will offer you an alternative date and if this is not convenient we will undertake a full refund.

Booking Procedure

  • All our bookings are done through Eventbrite. Please choose the session date and time that you wish to book on Eventbrite.
  • Following confirmation, please e-mail us details of any information (if any) that your medical school has sent you about your interview. This will allow your tutor to prepare for your session.
  • All materials that you e-mail to us are strictly confidential and destroyed following your training session. 
  • If you wish to book a face to face session in Rossendale for your training, please e-mail us first and we will give you booking details. 
  • If you cannot make any of the sessions that we have available on Eventbrite, or need training more urgently, please send us an e-mail and we can see if we can add extra sessions.


If you have any questions about our courses, please get in touch.
Email or telephone 01706 491146
Don't leave one of the most important interviews in your career to chance!


    Ethics and video consultation session was really useful. Never come across this before and now know specific answers. Will help me greatly at interview. 

    Dr Khan sat down with me and we went through a mock MMI interview and worked with me on areas I need to improve. I’ve now realised why I did badly last time ...

    I really learnt a lot, and had much to take away with me. I hardly ever feel that I’ve gained so much from a session.

     Taught me a lot that reading books for months have failed to teach me with regards to my interview technique.

    I have passed my interview last week and got an offer. I wanted to say thank you for all your help in preparing me for my interview.

    Excellent teacher. My confidence greatly increased and the tips were really useful. Could not have gained my place without this.

     Thank you for all your help. Saved me a lot of time as all the work was done for us.

    Many opportunities to learn and practice my skills with the doctors. The teaching I received was invaluable when it came to the interview.

    Thank you once again for an excellent session. Learnt lots of skills and I now know what I need to do in the interview.

    I’m glad to tell you that I got an offer. Your teaching was invaluable as the stations in the MMI were almost exactly what we went through.

    Dr Mannan is a fantastic teacher and friend who has played a major part in my becoming of a GP partner.

    Dr Mannan  was very approachable and friendly and gave good insight and explanation of what to expect during my training years.



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